Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance and repairs services are the heartbeat of our business. Our service personnel are available to serve you 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This is where our reputation for excellent customer service has grown over the last 30 years. Our goal is to create an alliance with our customers, to not only maintain, but also to improve their HVAC operation in the most cost effective manner.

ICC Planned Maintenance Programs are comprehensive equipment maintenance management programs designed to keep HVAC systems running dependably and efficiently. ICC plans, initiates and tracks the maintenance of your facility effectively. Our scheduling and tracking routines help technicians keep your facility in the best condition by establishing proper maintenance procedures for each scheduled visit.

ICC Service Department initiates, schedules, administers, monitors and updates your maintenance program as needed. We direct and schedule service activities based on our experience and criteria specific to your system and its usage such as run time, hours of operation and desired results.

ICC Planned Maintenance Programs are customized to provide the appropriate labor, materials and test equipment necessary to inspect, adjust, calibrate and test your system operation. Our HVAC "peace of mind" planned maintenance and service contracts eliminate needless aggravation and unanticipated expenses. Contact us if you would like to find out how ICC can help reduce energy consumption, cut costs and down-time while improving your system’s performance, and how we can create the perfect environment for your building.

We provide several types of service contracts:
• Inspection only
• Inclusive labor only
• Inclusive parts and labor
• Building Automation System monitoring/inspection